Wednesday, 21 February 2018

How to learn?

How to husk a coconut.

1. Climb a coconut tree and grab a coconut.
2. The coconut should be the color green as it is ripe.
3. Get a rock and carve a big stick until it is sharp.
4. Get the stick and plant it to the ground until it is secured down.
5. Get the coconut stab the coconut in the stick in the middle and keep going until the skin is off.
6. Once your done get a butcher knife and cut around the coconut in half.

How to weave a basket.

1. Pull the flax down from a coconut tree.
2. You get ur flax and split it in half.
3. Get both pieces of ur flax and stick it together.
4. Start flaxing until it makes a basket.

How to keep healthy.

1. Always keep fit everyday.
2. Eat healthy fruit and vegetables.
3. Drink heaps of water so you can be hydrated.
4. Train really hard to keep your body motivated.

5. Always work hard.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

The Treaty of Waitangi.

Walt:Under stand the timeline of events leading up to the signing of the treaty.
Task description: In room 5 literacy classes we have been learning about
the Treaty of Waitangi, from back in the days when their was war and
Maori tribes protecting their countries, city's, or towns. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How to prevent yourself from getting sick.

Walt: Use present tense throughout our writing use self and peer assessment to edit our writing.

How to prevent yourself from getting

Introduction -
We have been learning about how to prevent yourself from getting sick, a sickness is a really bad
cause to your body, even when your outside playing around without no hat, you would get skin
cancer which is why we need to wear a hat all day and everyday.  

1. To keep your body healthy and energized you should always eat vegetables and
fruit to keep your skin nice and clean. Healthy vegetables is good for looking after
your stomach, lungs, and eyesight.

2. If you have a problem from having all this sickness in you, you should go to the
doctors and get some medicine to make you feel all better from the fever you had even
when your in class you should always cover your mouth.

3. If your going to class and get your lunch and you were touching things, you
should always wash your hands before the germs spread across your body or to
someone else or they might get a problem with there sickness too.  

Conclusion -

When your getting your lunch you should always wash your hands before you eat, because
if you don’t you would put germs on your own food you were eating then you would catch
the sickness.  

Graphic organiser.

Walt: I can use graphic oraganisers and make notes to represent my thinking.

Conclusion: Is it really hard to mainly do hard tricks that are high or low
and are obstacle courses easy to balance and handle on a unicycle.

Friday, 9 February 2018

What is Rubbish Jorelle & Tehillah?

How to save money?

Walt: Use connectives in our explanations.
How to save money?

  • Buy things you need not want.
      When your in a shop u always get things however you        
        need than want instead, because that is how you are wasting
        money on expensive things, so you should buy things that are
        cheap and that are needed.
  • Don’t spend your money all in one day.
      The main reason for not spending money all in one day, is  
        because when you get older you might as well spend it on the
        power bill, or maybe as food when you are starving.  

  • Buy budgit stuff not expensive things.
       Therefore you should always stick to cheap stuff because it  
          saves money on things you need, expensive things is how you
          waste all of the things you wanted everyday.

  • Piggy bank.
         Putting money in your piggy bank is saving a lot of money all
         the time although then spending your savings on expensive  
         stuff. I believe that saving money is a good choice then
  spending it all.

Conclusion: How to save money and how to not spend money on expensive things. You should save your money savings for anything you need than want.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Mars one astronaut.

Walt: make connections with what we read, and what we have read before.

Task description: In room 7 literacy we have been learning about mars and how it is. Today we had to finish off all our work and drawing a picture of your character you did on pixel editor which was really hard for me. Why i did mechanic builder was because i wanted him to fix like technology things and learn more then being a builder in space, we were also aloud to use languages for this person too.